Medical Reviews

A doctor's view:

'Acne is a common problem among teenagers and the general population. I have been advising my patients some creams and solutions for direct application on the pimples and cysts. They get relief from their problem for a short period but are again troubled with the same problem. This recurrent appearance of acne does not depend only on external conditions but also on the proper function of glands below the skin. Hormonal imbalances should be removed so as to obtain a clear and soft skin. FitoDerm works on the hormones and helps to eliminate acne. It is an excellent pill.'
- Dr. Barbara Stavros, Ontario, Canada

A prominent doctor says:

Most of my patients always take my advice before visiting any specialist. Many of them have come to me even for treatments concerning acne. I recommended them some chemical drugs that later produced some adverse reactions and so I advocated the use of creams. These creams too worsened their problem and hence I was on a lookout for something better. I did not have any idea that I would find it in the form of a herbal pill called FitoDerm. It does not possess any side-effects. Now, I recommend FitoDerm to my patients suffering from acne.

- Dr. Ari Simon, England, UK

A doctor's view:

'In my professional life, I have met many people who really think that their acne problem is actually the result of their faulty eating habits. I used to get exhausted explaining to them the real cause of their misery. My friend who is a dermatologist put forward FitoDerm. I found it to be a very useful pill against acne. I have these days started recommending FitoDerm to such clients.
- Aline Firmin, Nutritionist, Oklahoma, USA

A herbalist says:

'I like the formulation of Fitoderm. It has used the perfect blend of herbs required to acquire a naturally radiant and pimple-free skin. Acacia catechu, Rubia cordifolia, Berberis aristata and Emblica officinalis that are used in FitoDerm work to completely eradicate the acne and stop its recurrence. Yes, these herbs are free of side-effects. I feel the answer to general sickness is the more herbal and natural, the better!
- Dr. Suguru Kawaguchi, Fukuoka, Japan

Customer Testimonials

"I was 18 when I was in the grip of acne. It frustrated me because the more I tried to remove by squeezing or applying something over it, it grew even more. My face was in a bad state. My mother took me to a dermatologist six months ago and he advised me to try FitoDerm. This pill is amazing. It cleared my acne and wiped off the scars. I wish had I found FitoDerm before, my acne would have vanished a year earlier."
- Christine, 19, Tasmania, Australia

" skin was not pimple-prone but since last year I started experiencing this problem. It was disheartening because the acne covered my cheeks and neck. I could not even tie my hair up. It was disgusting to look at it as months passed. Most remedies didn't even work and I thought of searching for some surgery that would simply peel it off my skin. During this time that is 9 months ago, I started taking FitoDerm. Now, the acne is completely gone. I like this herbal pill; it is very effective..."

- Ashley, 24, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I have been of the opinion that chemical drugs work quickly but FitoDerm, an herbal pill, gives fast results. The results are also permanent. I didn't see any pimple popping out on my skin after I started using FitoDerm. It's a marvelous pill."
- Jeremy, 27, North Dakota, USA

"... FitoDerm is truly effective against acne. It has removed the acne and blemishes on my skin. I realized that it also softens and eliminates wrinkles. Today, I possess a soft and beautiful skin. I thank the team of FitoDerm for introducing such a valuable pill..."

- Amber, 32, Northern Ireland, UK

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